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Game Gifting Comes To The Microsoft Store On Xbox One & Windows 10

Time for Sony to catch up.

With no proclamation of any sort, Microsoft have flipped the switch to enable digital game gifting for a small number of members in the Xbox Insiders Program, both on Xbox One and Windows 10. While it’s not yet available to everyone, it’s answering one of the main complaints that I and many others have had of digital stores on game consoles, making attempts to send gifts to people you kind of like that much easier.

In order to see this, you need to be running the 1710 preview build of the upcoming system update for Xbox One, at which time you’ll have a new button on a game’s store page – on Windows 10, this is currently limited to Xbox Play Anywhere titles. When gifting, you simply need to supply an email address or Xbox Live Gamertag for the intended recipient, and can then add a message. When receiving, you’ll find the game arriving by email as a standard 25 digit code to redeem.

This is a feature that has been available in Steam for what feels like forever, and gifting games on other people’s wishlists during the regular Steam sales is actually a relatively common occurrence, as is purchasing four packs of a co-op game and sharing out the licenses between a group – the new functionality on Xbox doesn’t go that far just yet.

While Sony implemented wishlists quite some time ago, they’ve shown no indication that they will follow this up with the logical next step of game gifting. Fingers crossed they get their act together before Christmas.

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