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Battlefield 1 Turning Tides Expansion Takes The War To The High Seas

Out in December and January.

Battlefield 1’s third major expansion is going to be a really interesting one. Turning Tides will add four new maps, and there will be a new emphasis on exploring the war on the seas and coasts, with a blend of land, air and sea warfare that hasn’t really been seen yet in this game.

Also interest is how this is being delivered to players, as the content is spread across December and January. December will see the release of the infantry focussed Achi Baba and beach assault Cape Helles map, both of which come to form the Gallipoli Operation, while January will follow this with a naval battle on the Heligoland Bight map and you’ll raid a Belgian port in Zeebrugge.

You’ll also get six new guns in December – the M1917 Trench Carbine, Maschinenpistole M1912/P.16, Farquhar-Hill, M1917 MG, Carcano M91 Carbine, and Type 38 Arisaka – an L-Class Destroyer on the seas and the C-Class Airship, as well as the Infiltrator Elite Class. It won’t be until January and the second wave of maps that you’ll be able to play in the distinctive blues of the British Royal Marines, though.

That’s the schedule for Premium Pass owners, but even non-owners will be able to join in the watery fight, as a Premium Trials event will also go live in December.

You can actually play even sooner than that though, as Cape Helles and Achi Baba have gone live on the Community Test Environment, which you can read more about here and is accessible on all platforms. Alternatively, just stick with the tried and tested public releases, which saw a major patch last week with the October update.

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  1. Ade
    Since: Jul 2017

    This announcement has me oiling my SMLE Mark 3 in anticipation.

    Comment posted on 17/10/2017 at 19:21.