Call of Duty: WWII Will Require A Minimum Of 80GB Hard Drive Space

The first casualty of war is your hard-drive.

As we approach the Call of Duty: WWII release date, a Reddit user has posted the product information for the game’s digital download redemption code and has revealed that the game will require a minimum of 80GBs for the PS4 version of the game.

While this won’t bother some players, hard drive capacity may be a problem to some at this stage on the PS4’s lifespan, given the larger games we’ve seen released as of late. The large size of Call of Duty’s latest entry could be a representation of the game’s total size after patches and additional content (such as 4K PS4 Pro enhancements) are implemented, as the initial download size is actually lower than 80GBs.

Source: Reddit via CharlieIntel

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  1. Only 80GB? The last one, Infinite Warfare, is up to 107.5GB now. Plus another 76.5GB for the remastered Modern Warfare. So 184GB in total.

    80GB is nothing!

    Although I’m sure it’ll manage to beat the 107.5GB once all the DLC appears.

    • The remaster file size is astounding! I get that it’s going to be bigger than the original, maybe double the size, but a quick google reveals a pirate copy is less than 6GB, how the hell does it become 10x bigger?! Give someone a pat on the back for making Zelda so reasonably compact on the Switch.

      • Just going from 720 to 1080 gives you more than double the pixels, so the 5GB for the PS3 version would be up to 10GB now (ok, so that’s not the most accurate guess, since it’s not just going to scale up based on resolution, but it’ll do)

        And a quick look at the store says there’s PS4Pro support with some sort of 4K support. So that’s 9 times the PS3 resolution. Up to 45GB now.

        And possibly better sound? Audio is probably a massive chunk of the game data, so it could have gone from heavily compressed to uncompressed audio, which could make that 10 times as big.

        Suddenly 10x the size for the whole game doesn’t sound so surprising.

      • Well that all makes sense, depressingly. So much for my new 128GB laptop, pretty soon all this 4Kification will mean I won’t be able to fit my Frozen soundtrack on there.

      • Let it go Ron let it go

  2. It could be 40GB and may be taking into account you need double space to download on ps4. Or else you will 160gb of actual free space and a couple of years to wait for PSN to download it for you.

    • You don’t need double space to download on PS4. That was the PS3 that had that fun feature.

      The PS4 needs however much space the game takes up, plus some random amount of bonus space. It’s possibly some combination of leaving a certain percentage free, the size of the game and the updates, the time of day, the weather in a small Belgian town, and how many times you’ll swear at it when it fails because you’ve only got 30GB free and you want to install something that’s only 2GB.

      So anywhere between the size of the download and 10 times that. Not the nice, easy to understand double space the PS3 required.

  3. decisions,decisions what to delete next….

    • A big chunk of money from your bank account in exchange for an external drive?

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