Futurlab’s Second PSVR Game Is Mini-Mech Mayhem, Out In 2018

Hot on the heels of their VR twist on Skalextric Tiny Trax that was released back in August, Futurlab are back with another PlayStation VR title. Mini-Mech Mayhem will riff off the same kind of sense of size and scale as Tiny Trax did, as you play the big buddy to a Mini-Mech partner in this VR robot battler.

Essentially, you’re there to act as a guide to your Mini-Mech, which sounds like a little AI buddy that is powerful, if a little over-enthusiastic and easily sidetracked in the line of causing mayhem.

Speaking of their relationship with Sony PlayStation, Futurlab write:

Here’s the thing: we see Mini-Mech Mayhem as a metaphor for our studio. FuturLab is PlayStation’s little buddy, and we in turn play the role of big buddy to our staff.

Just as PlayStation cares about fostering our creativity, by helping us explore ideas, we foster the creativity in our team. We shield their passionate enthusiasm from the turbulent mayhem of the games industry, so they can create something they care about, at a pace of challenge that is manageable.

In turn, they’re looking to recruit more little buddies of their own, announcing that they’re now hiring in a variety of potential roles.

There’s not much to go on from what’s been announced – there’s not a single screenshot or even a teaser trailer – but we look forward to hearing more about this game.

Source: EU PS Blog


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