David Ballard Releases Follow Up Statement Regarding Naughty Dog Sexual Harassment Claim

The spectre of sexual harassment has been dominating the news over the last few weeks. Even today allegations were made against actor Kevin Spacey by fellow actor Anthony Rapp, who stated that Spacey had tried to take advantage of him when Rapp was 14 years old. While much of the sexual harassment focus has been on the film industry the games industry had its own event crop up.

A couple of weeks ago former Naughty Dog employee David Ballard stated he had been sexually harassed at the studio before being terminated from the company. In response Naughty Dog stated they had found no evidence and took such matters seriously. Now Mr Ballard has released a follow up statement in which it is stated no further action can be taken regarding the matter.

Thank you, everyone, who have reached out with love, support, and questions. I appreciate you believing in me.
For people’s safety, I will not publicly name the persons involved. I gave the name of the individual who sexually harassed me to SCEA, now Sony Interactive Entertainment, Human Resources, and it was their responsibility to pursue the appropriate course of actions. Federal and State discrimination claim timelines have expired for my case, therefore no legal action can be made. My hope is that this account of my experience gives others awareness about sexual harassment in the workplace and the ability to not stay silent. I also hope to heal from all this and regain my dignity and respect.
Thank you,
David Ballard
While we do not know the full extent of the situation we do echo the sentiment given that others who feel they have been harassed at work or in other situations to come forward.
Source: Email response.
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  1. I’m not here to judge but David has come across very sincere. I really didn’t like the way Naughty Dog responded to it all either. Hoping Sony Interactive Entertainment helps to resolve the situation.

  2. It’s difficult to know who/what to believe in this situation but ND must be super pissed about it regardless. They are after all champions of diversity and all that is pure and good in the world. True or not this has muddied their previously gleaming reputation.

    I agree that their initial response did them no favours. It seemed like they were more upset by the potential damage to their brand than the possibility of sexual harassment in one of their studios.

    Naughty. Dog.

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