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Catch Up With The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Direct Here

DLC and special editions.

Earlier today Nintendo hosted a Direct which focused on Xenoblade Chronicles 2, which will be releasing December 1st exclusively for the Switch. In the presentation Nintendo highlight the various environments players will be able to explore, how the battle system works, and who exactly the characters are. If you missed the Direct stream earlier you can watch it all below.

Nintendo also announced that there would a day one content update that will allow players to get Japanese audio with English subtitles. In addition The Legend Of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is getting some cross promotional DLC which includes new gear for Link.

Furthermore Nintendo also announced that on December 1st a special edition Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Switch Pro controller will be available, along with a collector’s edition of the game which features a 220 soft cover artbook, a soundtrack CD, and a special metal case.


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