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It’s Quiz Time Heads To PS4, Xbox One, And PC On November 28th

There was a time when quiz games were quite popular properties on console, with the Buzz series being the lead example of the genre. In recent years though there has been a dearth of quiz games, but that will be changing on November 28th. The studio Snap Finger Click, which has members who worked on Buzz as part of the team, will be releasing It’s Quiz Time on that date for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


It’s Quiz Time will feature over 25,000 questions and the game show like format will be hosted by Salli who will guide games. Salli is an AI who will learn the habits of each player over time, leading to a more tailored experience. For multiplayer options up to eight people can play together locally or remotely over the internet using their smartphones as answer pads, but there is also a Live Show mode where you can compete with up to 10,000 viewers via Twitch and YouTube.

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  1. Awesome news, glad to see this format return and a slither of a connection to Buzz is always worth shouting about. I’m in!

  2. Launch day for me. Really liked what they did with their first game, and with Buzz before hand so this is right up my street :)

  3. I am all over this. Buzz was a game I played to death. Brilliant for parties etc.

  4. Direct competition to the PlayLink game “Knowledge is Power”

  5. Anyone slightly disturbed by the fact that she’s naked and they’ve cut her boobs out? What an odd design, just put some clothes on the poor girl.

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