Destiny 2 Is Getting HDR On Consoles And 4K For Xbox One X In December

The launch of Curse of Osiris on 5th December will bring with it some other treats for console gamers, as Bungie will make their game look even better on PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X.

HDR support is coming to the console version of the game – it has previously only been seen in the PC version – and this should also apply to the base PlayStation 4 and Xbox One S. However, PS4 Pro and One X can both support higher resolutions, and Bungie note that you’ll have “adaptive 4K resolution on the PlayStation 4 Pro and 4K on the Xbox One X.” That’s nothing terribly new for PS4 Pro, but the wording is important here as it indicates that the Xbox One X will be getting a native 4K frame buffer, while PS4 Pro will continue to feature checkerboarding or a dynamic resolution. In either case, the game will still be locked to 30fps.

Source: Bungie



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  1. Don’t really care what happens with the ‘elite’ models so long as the current-gen baseline versions don’t suffer while Microsoft and Sony are chasing 4K.

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