Star Wars Battlefront II Video Review

A little delayed after the last minute changes EA made changed the context of our review last night, our slightly more contemplative video review of Star Wars Battlefront II. Is it a good sequel that’s irreparably mired by business models?

Much of the footage in this review comes from a review event held at DICE in Sweden, with travel and accommodation paid provided by EA.

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  1. Nice videos, can’t wait for the game to arrive now! At about 10:30 I caught myself thinking ‘Oh, it’s Dust2!’.
    Silly me.

  2. Loving it so far. The hero cost wasnt a problem after the campaign and a few multiplayer matches I had enough to buy Luke and Vader and a few loot crates. If it’s fun it’s not grinding because you forget all about it and I’m definitely having fun.

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