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Street Fighter X Transformers Toys Announced

The Takara Tomy Mall has been updated with a rather bizarre crossover, Transformers x Street Fighter. The series uses existing Transformer models which have been repainted in the colours of the Street Fighter characters. To be honest the link is tenuous at best and unless someone told you they’re meant to be Street Fighter characters you’d probably not guess.

First up we have have Ryu, aka Convoy, aka Optimus Prime, but confusingly using the model of the Deception triple-changer Octane, vs. Vega, aka Bison, aka Megatron, who is using the model of the Autobot triple-changer Blitzwing.

The second set of combatants features Chun Li using the model of Arcee, and Ken, who is borrowing the chassis of Hot Rod.

This is the latest in a very long line of cross-overs for Transformers which also include a Mickey Mouse version of Optimus Prime, a Megatron who transforms in to a Sega Megadrive, and Darth Vader for transforms in to the Death Star. Check out some comparison images between the characters and their new robotic versions in the gallerybelow.

Source: TFWorld

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