Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus Gets A Free Trial On All Formats

Bethesda have announced that the well received Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is getting a free trial mode on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Go to the game store of your choice and download the trial to play the entire first level for free. If you decide to upgrade to the full version of the game you will find all your progress will carry over.


“There are some issues when it comes to how difficult the game can get at times, but fans of first person shooters and compact single player titles should definitely give Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus a shot,” said Aran in our 8/10 review.

Source: Bethesda

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  1. Great news, it’s always nice to get a demo and these days it’s a treat when it’s for a AAA game.

  2. Is it just me that feels like the “demo” seems to be creeping back slowly? For a while I’m sure we got pretty much nothing demo wise, especially those AAA games. Now it feels it happens every so often. Certainly not complaining anyway!

    • Not a demo tho is it? Devs just need to shove a marker in the game where you can play up to and that’s it – your downloading the entire game you just cant play it. It’s a cunning way to make easy “demos” at the expense of the players broadband.

      • Still counts as a demo, Tuff.

      • Yes but its a full version of the game with a blocker in it, rather than something that has been specifically constructed, like the Project Cars 2 demo, that’s what I meant.

        Putting a key that says “Dont the let the player go past this point unless they bought the game” is much easier than “Build a demo from scratch”.

        And it’s a Trial not a Demo. Shut up.

  3. Lovely stuff, i’ll have to hold off on the full game for the moment but i’m sure i can find time to squeeze one level into my schedule!

    • I’ve done both! Got it from Amazon for £20 but weirdly it’s not coming until Monday (I have prime and bought it early Friday morning). The trial should keep me occupied until then hopefully.
      I understand your save data carries over but will I have to reinstall the game if I’ve downloaded it already for the trial.

  4. How’s it doing sales wise? Is it not selling as well as they hoped? Or is it common to offer a free trial now?

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