In The Valley Of Gods Is A Pyramid Exploring Adventure From The Makers Of Firewatch

After their critically acclaimed and downright wonderful debut, Firewatch, Campo Santo’s second game looks much more ambitious and potentially just as lovely.

Coming in 2019, In the Valley of Gods is another first person adventure, but it takes place in the ancient valley of the Egyptian desert and what looks like the early 20th Century. You play as a disgraced filmmaker reuniting with her partner for a project to explore pyramids and tombs, uncovering treasures and a potential discovery that could eithe bring fame and fortune or leave you dead.

Currently Campo Santo are only talking about the game coming to PC, Mac and Linux, but there’s nothing to stop them adding consoles to the list down the line. Where Firewatch was published by Mac and iOS app developer Panic, this is actually set to be self-published by Campo Santo.

Source: Campo Santo

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  1. GOD YES!!!!! This is a set up I have wanted properly for ages and only Tomb Raider 4 has truly scratched that itch.

  2. That song; anybody who knows who performs it? Or is it directly from the game itself? Absolutely crisp set of blues and soul. Just for that song (if it’s from the game) makes buying this game a must for me (if it comes to PS4).

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