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God Of War Is Set To Be 25 To 30 Hours Long

Personally, this sounds a bit much to me, but at PlayStation Experience game director Cory Barlog has stated that the upcoming God of War (AKA Dad of War) is set to be 25 to 30 hours long.

It sounds like there’s going to be a ton of game of sink your teeth into, but at the same time, I feel there’s a real danger for blockbusting action games such as this to outstay their welcome. In fairness, this is a more open game compared to previous entries, and while they’ve strayed away from calling it open world, you will be able to venture off the main path of the story and find different things to do.

There’s no new gameplay demo to view, but rather a rerun of the gameplay shown at Paris Games Week with Cory giving commentary over the top of it.

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  1. Very much agree with your sentiments Stefan. If it’s 25 hours of good stuff that’s fine. But if the ratio is 10 hours of fun versus 15 hours of chore then I’d prefer all killer and no filler.

  2. Open world games are the new zombies. The whole beauty of God of War was the tightly scripted action. This game looks like it will be fun, but it’s not God of War.

  3. I always thought Uncharted games were too long too. This type of game needs to be about 8 hours imo, I always get half way through and start to think it should be over already.

  4. It’s a tricky one for them… if they say it’s a 10 hour game, some people will say, ‘it’s too short, not worth full price – I’ll wait for a sale!’ But if they say it’s a 25-30 hour game, people will say, ‘It’s too long – I haven’t got the time or patience to play it!’

    I don’t think this will be anything like the old God of War games from what I’ve seen, so I wouldn’t worry about it being a 25-30 hour ‘God of War’ game. It will most likely be a 5-10 hour open world game with 20-25 hours of mundane side quests – aren’t they all now…

    People want value for money and well, I guess that’s what we’re getting. I just wish that didn’t mean turning our favourite franchises into slightly different variations of the same thing. Zzz

  5. I was very happy when I heard Barlog say that huge fan of the series more GOW is good news for my ears.

  6. Bring it. It’s got awesome written all over it :-)

  7. Not sure we need More god of war. I was happy with it ending after ascension.

  8. It’s looking like a very different experience to the previous games for certain, gonna be interesting to see where (if) we can draw parallels with the gameplay of old and new. I think the series is ready for that change though, GOW3 was the last one i enjoyed.

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