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Get Your Own Personalised Xbox Year In Review Stats From Microsoft

Your year in gaming

Hello there Xbox owners! How are you? I haven’t written anything about Xbox exclusive content for ages so thought I had better go and see if Microsoft had announced anything exciting. Short answer: No. Longer answer: No, but you can get a nice chart showing how long you have been playing Halo! Woo!

If you log in to xbox.com/YearinReview you can access your stats and “see how this unique experience highlights individual achievements, top games played, hours spent playing, and much more — all pulled from billions of data points to deliver a unique dashboard experience for each and every gamer in our Xbox community.”

All your personal stats are shareable so you if you have collected loads of cheevos you can boast about them on Twitter and impress the ladies and/or gentlemen.

Source: MajorNelson


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