Star Trek: Bridge Crew Update Removes VR Requirement

Ubisoft has released a new update for Star Trek: Bridge Crew, which released earlier this year on VR platforms. and has made the game playable without VR headsets. PS4 and PC owners can now get in on the action of being part of the crew as systems are explored, beacons investigated, and attacks repelled. The update does also add support for Windows Mixed Reality.

The update will allow VR and non VR players to work together across platforms to achieve their aims. Will you boldly go where only VR players have gone before?

Source: Press Release

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  1. Not sure how well it will work without VR. Hopefully PC players still have to have a mic to play (and they add that requirement for non-VR PS4 players)

    It’s also on sale for £15.99 now. Definitely worth it at that price. Many, many hours of fun even once you’ve done everything. And hopefully it’ll bring more players I can order about as a captain. (And nobody should be put off buying it because they’ll be new and end up in an experienced crew – most players are very welcoming to new people. As long as they’ve done the training first)

    Maybe it’ll lead to more content.

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