Xbox Have Started Their Countdown Sale To End The Year

This makes much more sense.

Now here’s a sale with a name that makes sense! The Xbox Countdown Sale sees Microsoft discounting a ton of digital games between now and 31st December, with a new daily deal alongside that as they… countdown to the new year. None of this January Sale in December nonsense.

The first daily deal is for Halo Wars 2 Standard Edition, which comes down to £15 or £12 if you’re an Xbox Live Gold subscriber.

Through the rest of the deals, there’s the a similar kind of 10% extra off for Gold subscribers, and you can head to Major Nelson’s blog to catch all the 360 games on sale. Let us know if you spot any juicy discounts in the comments below.

Xbox Countdown Sale

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  1. Just a bit of a heads up if you want Halo Wars 2. Xbox Gold is only £1 for the month at the minute. So it would be cheaper to activate it but then turn auto renewal off straight afterwards.

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