Fumito Ueda’s genDesign Releases Possible Teaser Image For New Game

The Last Guardian is a game that was very well received, having been worked on for years by Fumito Ueda and the rest of the genDesign team. Most of the studio has been made up of previous Team Ico employees, and each of their games have been unique. Now it appears the studio has begun teasing its next title on its website. On the site the studio wishes everyone a Happy New Year, with a mysterious image below the message.

The image appears to show birds, potentially doves, flying above a person who is bathed in light as they stare up looking at them while lounging on a stone altar of some sort. To the right of her is what looks like a fist belonging to a large creature.


Hopefully we’ll get some more news about this teaser soon.

Source: genDesign

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  1. I look forward to it’s release in 2023…

    • Don’t really mind if it’s 2033 and released on the PS7. As Rutger Hauer said in his adverts for a famous brnad of stout – “excellent game mechanics and player / AI symbiotic relationships come to those who wait” or something like that.

  2. I think i’m going to need a taller tv.

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