New God Of War Details Revealed

The new issue of Game Informer has an exclusive on Sony’s forthcoming God of War and nice member of ResetEra has skimmed through the digital edition and listed the major points. It sounds like the game is very different to previous titles not least in the fact that Kratos can’t jump.

Now for me that may be a deal breaker, my pet hate in games in the character having their path blocked by a knee high obstacle that they cannot pass over as there is no jump button. Alien Isolation, I’m looking at you. Anyway, I hope Kratos’ progress will be hindered by something more exciting that a medium sized rock, here are the details as posted on ResetEra.


-Combat is based on prioritizing enemies, it’s not as chaotic as in the past. For example certain enemies are resistant to Leviathan which is Kratos Axe, others are impossible to stagger.
-Use of your surroundings is important to get through combat scenarios. Gives players a few different choices in completing combat scenarios.
-Leviathan is can be thrown to freeze certain enemies and a button needs to be pushed to summon it back to you.
-Not sure if this was known, but there’s no jump button
-Shield is used to parry and as well in melee combat
-Arteus (Kratos’ Son) is an extension of Kratos moveset, can be used to attack certain enemies by pushing the square button.
-While not being directed in combat Aretus will rain arrows on enemies which will increase their stun meter, once they are stunned Kratos can grab the enemies and either rip them apart or use them as weapons. The example given is a specific enemy creates an area of effect attack that launches the rest of the enemies in the air

-No more jumping or swimming
-Kratos and Arteus use boats to traverse the environment when appropriate

Upgrade System:
-Skills, armor, weapons can all be upgraded
-Uses some type of crafting system that the developers are being tight lipped about
-Can craft different types of armor
-Skill upgrades and crafting of armor applies to Arteus as well
-There are rune slots on the axe that can change the properties of the weapon for both light and heavy attack

-Being tight lipped about other weapons appearing in the game, but say that the Axe and Shield are the star of the show.

-They wanted to get away from the destroy all Gods mentality that they had in previous God of Wars so they Made Kratos more vulnerable. The only time he really goes insane in combat is during Spartan Rage where he starts demolishing characters with just his fists.
-After Ascension it was hard to get the higher ups to sign off onto another God of War game, they were pretty much done with the franchise, Cory had to pitch something great and fresh in order to get the game greenlit.
-Cory speaking about the future of God of War mentions the Mayan Era or the Egyptian Era
-Cory mentions he wants this new direction of God of War to reach way more people and go into Uncharted and Assassins Creed levels and to grow the franchise

Source: ResetEra

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  1. So looking forward to this one. I love the God of War games but it was time for a reboot. Fingers crossed they’ve done a good job at breathing new life into the series.

  2. I fear a jump-less future in gaming is upon us. First AC Origins and now God of War. What’s the beef with having the ability to jump? Let us jump god damn you!

    Anyway… from what I’ve seen and heard about this game, it doesn’t feel anything like a God of War game. I’m sure it will be fine but I wish they hadn’t changed what we loved about the old games so much.

    With any luck, they’ll re-re-re-remaster the original games for PS4 too.

    Still waiting for my remaster of AC Rogue. I miss the days when games were easily distinguishable from one another.

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