Roccat Khan Pro Headset Review

Gaming headsets will have been on plenty of people’s Christmas wish lists, and it’s really no surprise that there are more appearing every day in this highly competitive field. While heavy hitters like Astro or SteelSeries are well established, some of the other manufacturers aren’t as well known for their audio equipment. Roccat – a German company – are possibly best known in this country for their gaming mice and keyboards, or maybe their League of Legends team. That ties in nicely, as the Khan Pro is positioned as the first to carry the High Resolution Audio tag and has clearly been built with eSports in mind.

Firstly, there’s the weight, or lack thereof, with the Khan Pro weighing in at a feather-like 230g. The headset virtually disappears when you’re wearing it, and the memory foam in the headband and earpieces help to cushion the points of contact with your head. My only issue was that the earpieces are a touch smaller than some headsets, and though I don’t think I have especially large ears, I found I had to readjust the headset occasionally for my ears to be wholly within the earpiece casing. Still, if you’re planning on wearing your headset for a long period of time, these remain an exceedingly good choice.


As the first High Resolution response gaming headset, Roccat have put some serious thought into how the Khan Pro sounds. While your average gaming source isn’t likely to output anything into those expanded frequencies, it does provide a wonderfully detailed listening experience that lets you pick out footsteps, gunshots and chatter, without devolving into a muddy mess. They have a pleasingly airy soundstage, allowing a decent level of separation to music and gaming audio, which is all the more impressive given their sub-£100 pricepoint. While they’re not the most bass-heavy of headsets, there’s more than enough weight to thumps and bumps to keep you immersed.

The design isn’t one you’re likely to wear out of the house, mainly thanks to the non-removable microphone arm. It’s a bit of a shame, because they’re a fairly understated headset as far as that goes in gaming. One earpiece sports the Roccat logo while the other simply has the Roccat Khan wording, both of which are gun metal grey against the matte black plastic earpieces, though there are also white and grey versions available as well. Despite being largely made of plastic, the Khan Pro feels well put together, standing up to plenty of stretching and twisting with little to no creaking and no immediate signs of weakness around the joints.

The Khan Pro takes its eSports bent to heart in terms of features as well, as this is a streamlined headset with the most basic functionality available swiftly and easily. The braided cord is split into two 3.5mm outputs so you can attach it to your PC’s microphone input and audio output, though a connector is included that funnels both of them down into one jack if you’re going to play on consoles, or perhaps use them with your mobile. They work perfectly well with Playstation 4, can easily plug into a Nintendo Switch – though you’ll still fall foul of the bizarre chat requirements – and work fantastically well with the Xbox One if you’ve shelled out for the Dolby Atmos license.

The quality of the connector is a little questionable though, as I was able to discern some static and noise created when moving it around. Plugging straight into the headphone jack without using the connector resolves the situation, though it’s an ungainly solution if you’re not playing on PC. It’s a shame as the construction is otherwise solid, but you’d expect anything sporting a braided cable to offer a least a little extra strength and flexibility.

The left earpiece features an easy to find volume wheel, and moving the microphone arm down enables it, while moving it up… well, I think you can work that out. Some users may balk at the lack of other controls or options, but fundamentally the Khan Pro features everything you actually need and leaves the rest to the system, which make using them easy and intuitive. It’s worth noting that the quality of the microphone matches the rest of the headset’s audio response, with clear and audible speech ensuring that your teammates hear every word, whether they want to or not!

What’s Good:

  • Fantastic audio
  • High-resolution accredited
  • Lightweight and comfortable

What’s Bad:

  • Slightly small earpieces
  • Poor cable connector quality
  • Non-removable mic arm

As far as wired headsets go, there are very few that sound as good as the Roccat Khan Pro, particularly for less than £100. The detailed audio, comfortable fit, and lightweight build make for a headset that’s ideal for extended play sessions, and whether you’re competing on the world stage in a packed arena or sticking it to your mates online, the Khan Pro is a great choice.

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