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Pokémon Go On iPhone Will Require iOS 11 At The End Of February

Well that sucks.

Apple users tend to upgrade to the latest operating system quite soon after its release (for better or for worse), but that doesn’t make Niantic’s decision to make Pokémon Go require iOS 11 from 28th February onwards suck for those using older devices.

The move comes after the recent announcement that the game will start to leverage the new ARKit framework for improved and more immersive augmented reality in the game with full size Pokémon appearing in the world. Niantic do state that “This change is a result of improvements to Pokémon GO that push the application beyond the capabilities of the operating systems on such devices.”

Thankfully there’s still several years worth of iPhone able to run the game, but iPhone 5 and 5C users are out of luck, alongside iPad 2, 3rd Generation, 4th Generation and the original iPad mini. Support now starts with the iPhone 5S released back in 2013, while those affected will be able to easily move to other devices and log in with their account.

Source: Pokémon Go


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