Total War: Three Kingdoms Announced For Release In Fall 2018

Creative Assembly have been quietly beavering away on a new historical entry to their Total War series for quite some time, while simultaneously opening a new chapter in its history with the fantasy Total War: Warhammer games. However, now it’s time for them to take the lid off what they’ve been working on, as they head to a new setting and period in history.

Out in Fall 2018, Total War: Three Kingdoms takes us to 190CE China, with the Han Dynasty crumbling under the rule of a child emperor acting as a puppet for the tyranical Dong Zhuo. That regime forces new leaders and heroes to rise up, forming a fragile alliance to end Dong Zhuo’s rule, but while they may be allies, they each have their own personal ambitions.

Having recovered the same ground a few times over the last few main Total War entries, this looks like a great new setting and era for the game to explore.

Source: press release

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