The Hori Onyx Wireless Controller Will Be Available From January 15th For PS4

Sony and Hori have confirmed a new licensed controller will be available for the PS4 next week, with this called the Onyx wireless controller. At first glance you can’t help but see the similarity to the style of Microsoft’s Xbox controllers with the offset analogue stick layout. Maybe the intention was to draw Xbox fans to the PS4 while not abandoning what is a decent controller? And maybe it will have amazing battery life after ditching the DualShock 4’s massive light bar??

The controller will be available January 15th across the region, but you’ll have to check local retailers to see if they’re stocking it.


Update: It’s up for pre-order on Amazon for a very reasonable £44.99.

Source: PS Blog

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  1. That is one ugly controller. Like the DS4 and XB1 controllers had a baby…

  2. Not the best looking controller but it’s how it plays that matter.
    Any word on price?

    • Yup. Found it for £45 on Amazon!

      • Thanks, not a bad price for a controller.

      • ShopTo regularly do the DS4 for £36 though. New controllers are oddly appealing but it’s tough to compete with good prices on official ones.

  3. Difficult to see in those pics but i don’t spot a headphone jack either.

    • There’s a comment on the PS blog saying there’s not a headphone jack.

      So it’s missing that, hasn’t got the lightbar (making it useless for some games, especially VR ones), the left stick is in the wrong place, and the share/options buttons aren’t where you’re probably used to them being by now. That last one might be an improvement, but after 4+ years, it’d take some getting used.

      Also, it looks hideous.

      • It’s got an ugly square-looking shape but i wouldn’t mind having share/option buttons that you can find and press easier.

    • Really odd omission for the headphone jack – although it’s slightly less essential for PS4 than it is for the Xbox One if you’ve got a wireless headset.

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