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Stellaris: Apocalypse Expansion Will Let You Destroy Planets

That's no moon!

Ever thought Stellaris really needed the ability to build a Death Star? Well apparently someone within Paradox Development Studios thought so too, because the Apocalypse expansion’s biggest, most explosive new feature is the ability to entirely destroy the planets of your enemies.

Obviously they’re not allowed to call them Death Stars, so you’ll be building Colossus planet-killers instead. There’s also new Titan capital ships to add even more ridiculously big ships to your fleets, and you’ll have much bigger orbital defence stations with which to try and defend your now much more vulnerable planets. Oh, and Marauder space nomads will happily come raiding along the borders of your empire, but you can hire them to plague your enemies. Just be wary that they don’t unite to become a new endgame crisis.

Thankfully that’s not all there is to Apocalypse, because while war is fun, sometimes it’s nice to not be at war, you know? There’s new Ascension Perks, Civics and Unity Ambitions to aim for as you play. Actually, to be fair, you can probably get all those when you’re at war as well.


Source: press release


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