Game Is Halving The Rate At Which You Can Earn Reward Points

UK retailer Game are altering the terms and conditions of the Game Reward scheme, cutting the rate at which you can earn points in half when the changes take effect on 25th January.

The current balance earns you 1 Reward point for every 12.5p spent, but this is switching to 1 point for every 25p that is spent. Considering that redeeming these points values 400 points as £1, a rate which is not being changed, this boils down to you now getting a return of 1% in the scheme instead of 2% as it was before.

It was only in May 2017 that Game introduced the Game Elite membership, where you have to pay £36 per year to be able to earn up to 10% back on purchases. Cynically, one would assume that Game are trying to push Elite harder, but making Reward points more difficult to earn doesn’t exactly make Elite a better deal…


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  1. This deal is getting worse all the time…

    • Pray I don’t alter it any further!

  2. Half of the zero points I accrue with game? Well that’ll be zero points so I’m ambivalent towards this decision. They can just increase their horrendous mark ups on pre owned.

  3. That reminds me… I’ll need to trade my old PS4 Pro in before they go bust XD

  4. This will make me even less likely to use them in future, and I hardly do as it is!

  5. A company with such historical financial troubles really needs to incentivise customers to shop with them and this is hardly the way to go about that.

    • And all the staff are dickheads…

      • And you’re offered half the shop at an extortionate price at the point of sale. It’s a good laugh when they believe it’s a real deal though.


  7. Even less reason to use game anymore. Occasionally id pick something up there instead of prime prime nowing it because of points but i may aswell stick to amazon now

  8. I dont shop there any more, have not done so in a long long time.

    The list of questions you get asked at the checkout is nonsense:-

    Would you like to protect the disk for an additional £1?

    Is there anything you would like to pre-order? – No seen as you can never tell me the price i will have to pay!!!

    Are you interested in our new reward card?

    Do you require an PSN vouchers?

    Makes you lose the will to live.

    • Yeah you’re right they are utter rubbish, or at least the employees are forced to say things that make them sound utter rubbish. I got fobbed off with some confusing bs when buying PUBG and worse was buying a code for Batman VR for a secret Santa they wouldn’t even let me keep the bloody paper token thing from the shelf!! In that instance two Game guys were downright rude. E.B. was better.

  9. Although I’ve got a reward card for Game I haven’t bought anything from them for over two years (at least) as you can just about always find stuff cheaper elsewhere.
    I’m sure this action will put others off shopping with them which won’t help sales figures. And I wouldn’t want to pay for the Elite level as they may not be around for for long.

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