Former Evolution Members Open Wushu Studios In Liverpool, Working On A Sci-Fi Game

Wushu Studios has announced its existence today, and it could be a studio to keep an eye on. It was founded by former Evolution Studios member Alan McDermott in August 2017, and among its staff counts other Evolution alumni in Nigel Kershaw, who’ll be design director at Wushu, and art director Stuart Trevor. The current staff count sits at 11 but no doubt that’ll increase in the near future.

That’s because Wushu has already begun development on its first title, but the studio isn’t ready to discuss it yet. All we know about the game is that its a sci-fi title with an unexpected take. Prototypes were started in September 2017 and it will be using Unreal Engine 4. It’s also a brand new IP so we can’t even pretend to try and guess what the subject matter will be.

Source: Press Release

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  1. There’s some awesome DNA in that small team, good things abound I hope.

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