Halo Wars 2 January Patch Notes Are Here, Rolls Out January 16th

Halo Wars 2 will be getting quite a large patch tomorrow that will address things like the rate at which leader points are earned. Spoiler, it’ll take longer. Along with that change a number of weapons are also getting their stats reduced, but at the same time some units are getting improved damage output. That, I presume, will level the battlefield somewhat. Speaking of levelling battlefields Maelstrom and Cataclysm abilities have had their cooldowns increased.

Oh and a bug that allowed players to command enemy troops is also being patched. The full list of changes can be found in the handy list below.


Halo Wars 2 January Patch Notes


  • Fixed a Leader Power exploit that resulted in earning Leader Points at a faster rate.
  • Fixed an issue which allowed players to control opposing team units.
  • Returned the cost increase of Colony’s Living Barrier leader power back to 0/0. (*this undoes the temporary change that was made to mitigate the Living Barrier exploit, which is now properly fixed)

Infusion damage and duration reduced
Infusion Damage

  • Damage per second reduced by 8%

Infusion Duration
All Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:

  • Infusion Mine I reduced -22%
  • Infusion Mine II reduced -18%
  • Infused Engineer reduced -10%
  • Pool – Medium reduced -20%
  • Pool – Large reduced -20%
  • Pool – Extra Large reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake I reduced -25%
  • Infusion Wake II reduced -20%
  • Infusion Wake III reduced -15%

Infusion Duration – Blitz
All Blitz Infusion Duration reduced by -11% except for:

  • Infusion Mine I – Blitz reduced -10%
  • Infusion Mine II – Blitz reduced -10%

Infusion Tech
Reverts earlier increases to Infusion Tech I/II to reflect relative strength of Infusion without further boosts.
Infusion Tech I

  • Damage Scaling reduced -4%

Infusion Tech II

  • Damage Scaling reduced -8%

Corrupted Warlord & Mortar Warlord
Infusion pool sizes reduced slightly and substantially reduced Infusion Trail duration. Mortar Warlord Y ability cooldown increased.

Infusion Trail Duration

  • Corruption Trail Duration reduced -30s

Mortar Warlord Ability

  • Designator Cooldown increased +10s

Effect duration reduced and cooldown increased to curb its overall effectiveness (especially in combination with other powers).

  • Cooldown increased +30s
  • Effect Duration reduced -17%

Increased cooldown to bring power more in line with its cost effectiveness and make it more difficult to chain with other powers.

  • Cooldown increased +35s

Brute Grenadier 
Base DPS and Infusion siphoning benefits (damage mitigation, DPS bonus) increased to improve their value as a core unit.

Grenade DPS

  • Damage Per Second increased +14%/+11%/+9%

Infusion Siphon

  • Damage Reduction Scaling increased +20%
  • Damage Modifier increased +33%

Reduced overall cost effectiveness of Ultra Mines and increased arming time to improve player ability to avoid them.
Ultra Mine I

  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 200 -> 300
  • Power 200 -> 300
  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s

Ultra Mine II

  • Arming Delay increased +1s
  • Reduced Arming Delay increased +0.5s
  • Supplies 330 -> 450
  • Power 330 -> 450


  • Ability Cooldown increased +15s

Pavium’s Stand
Reduced duration and increased cost to balance cost effectiveness.

  • Supplies 300 -> 425
  • Power 300 -> 425
  • Duration reduced -20%

Lich Vanguard
Health and damage increased slightly to improve its effectiveness as an ultimate leader power.

  • Hit Points increased +13%
  • Damage Per Second increased +9%

Rain of Fire
Increased cooldown time and decreased damage to help bring the power in line with cost.

  • Ability Cooldown increased +20s
  • Damage Per Second reduced -5%

Mortar Warlord 
Reduced the effectiveness of ‘Y’ ability Designator and splash damage.

  • Damage Reduction Scaling reduced -8%

AOE Damage

  • Damage Ratio reduced -20%

Upgraded Paint Target

  • Damage Ratio reduced -25%

Slight increases to HP and Splash damage values to improve survivability and damage versus massed air units.


  • AOE Damage Radius increased +25%/+20%
  • Hit Points increased +10%


  • AOE Damage Radius increased +13%/+14%
  • Hit Points increased +10%

Health and effectiveness of Anti-Vehicle units improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles. Tier 3 Vehicles improved versus Tier 2 Vehicles, AA Vehicles, and Scouts.


  • Damage versus Medium increased +19%

Tier 3 Vehicle

  • Damage versus Medium increased +20%
  • Damage versus MediumAA increased +40%
  • Damage versus MediumScout increased +20%


  • Hit Points increased +5%


  • Hit Points increased +5%

Scorpion – Cannister Shell

  • Damage Per Second increased +14%
  • AOE Radius increased +20%

Grizzly – Missile Barrage

  • Damage Per Second increased +12%
  • Core AOE Radius reduced -25%
  • Splash AOE Radius added (DPS 50%)

Wraith – Scorch Mortar

  • Damage Per Second increased +21%

Wraith – Corrupted Scorch Mortar

  • Damage Per Second increased +19%

Source: Halo Waypoint

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