Halo Wars 2 Getting Xbox One And PC Crossplay Later This Month

One thing that Microsoft have been exploring a lot in the last year or so is crossplay and breaking down the barriers between platforms. It’s been a hot button topic between competing manufacturers, but even just within Microsoft it’s fascinating to see how they’re bringing Xbox One and Windows 10 gaming closer together with Xbox Play Anywhere and games that allow you to play across these two platforms.

The Forza games have allowed you to play across Xbox One and PC for a while now, and Gears of War 4 gradually allowed more and more crossover between the two through the last year of updates. Now it’s the turn of Halo Wars 2, which is getting both crossplay and Arena support with an update later this month.


That update will also be the one that prepares the game for Xbox One X and gaming in 4K, so those looking to upgrade to the more powerful console can get the game updated in advance of its 7th November release.

Source: Xbox Wire

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