Sign Up For The Next PS4 PS4 System Software Beta

Sony are looking for willing guinea pigs to test out the next big system software update which is coming to PlayStation 4. You’ll get to try out the new features before anyone else, although this is a beta so somethings may not work correctly.

You will need to be the master account holder on the PlayStation 4, and if it all goes a bit wonky you can roll back to the previous version of the software. If you in Europe and would like to sign up then follow this link.

Source: PS Blog 

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  1. I’m in! Never got round to trying the v5 beta but I’ll defibitely give this one a go (a few days later than everyone else, just in case). I do hope they get around to cross-game chat this time.

    • Personally, I’m hoping they add more stability this time. I don’t think we’ve had enough updates for that yet.

      As for waiting a few days, that’s probably not necessary. The only problem I’ve ever had was when they were doing the 5.0 beta and had a normal update at the same time. And it auto-updated, taking everything out of my folders, and not letting me get back into the beta. But that was an unusual case, as they usually manage to avoid releasing updates while a beta is running.

      But just in case, I recommend making sure automatic updates are turned off.

      • Hahaha, I laughed so hard at your stable joke that I’m starting to feel a bit horse! Yeah good points, I’ll be sure to turn the auto update off then, ta.

      • Ok, I will explain it for cretins. The stability updates are for games IN DEVELOPMENT, you don’t get to see the instability, because Sony do these stability updates. Its also noteworthy that these stability and performance updates (which almost always are a codename for integrating latest AMD GPU driver) line up nicely to coincide with high profile game releases..

        In other words, game X needs driver X rolled out to retail units before game can be signed off….

      • Whoah dude, we’re only joking! Also, no need for name calling, ‘Improved stability’ is hardly crystal clear.

      • It also makes no sense that driver updates would be labelled as stability updates anyway when they could make a point of mentioning shiny new features or improved performance.

        Most of the stability updates will be to fix things they don’t want to mention. Things that could be used for getting around all the security measures. Nothing like that has been exploited on the PS4 (yet), but the PS3 and Vita have all had holes found that lead to mysterious stability updates. And even the PS4 “stability” updates have fixed various problems which may affect some people. Nothing to do with drivers for games that haven’t even released.

        And “starting to feel a bit horse” almost got me going on some long horse-based pun thing. But there are actually surprisingly few horse puns you can use. And now I’ve got the song from the infamous “I love horses” advert from a few years back stuck in my head. The magazine presumably aimed at young girls where you get a bit of a horse included every month for the next 17 years. Possibly. I’m assuming that’s how it worked. Best of all the animals, apparently.

      • Promoting driver updates as a PR stunt to sell systems is how Microsoft play the game (how is that massive Xbox one performance bump they shouted from the rooftops about, but made sod all difference in reality)..

        Sony occasionally mention performance update as a bullet point in the release notes, this is a major driver integration point. System stability is a minor driver revision for games in development.

        BSD driver integration update cycles are about 3 months behind PC release cycles.

  2. Signed up yo.

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