Xbox Game Pass To Include All Microsoft Games On Day Of Release

Microsoft are upgrading their Xbox Games Pass and from now on, all new Microsoft Studio games will be included in the subscription service from the day of the release. In other words, when Sea of Thieves launches on 20th March it will be available immediately to subscribers.

Going forward games such as Crackdown 3 and State of Decay 2 will also be included, and when the new Forza or Halo drops they will also be included. It’s a big win for the consumer and clearly Microsoft think that they will offset the cost of lost sales by gaining subscribers to the Pass.


We will have to see if Sony counters with a similar offer for PlayStation Now, they are in a slightly different situation as Sony release many more games than Microsoft with the likes of Shadow of the Colossus, Concrete Genie, Days Gone, God of War, and Dreams all slated for this year.

Microsoft have also announced a 6-month Xbox Game Pass subscription card which will be available at select retail partners for $59.99 from March 20th. Again, that’s a smart move, why spend $60 on the next Halo when you could spend $60 and get the next Halo and hundred other games for six months?

Source: Major Nelson

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  1. That’s pretty incredible!

  2. So that’s Sea of Thieves, Ori, Crackdown 3, State of Decay, Halo, Forza, Gears and whatever Playground Games come up with, all part of a subscription for the cost of a netflix sub.

    I’d say Sony’s ‘different’ predicament is getting a subscription that doesn’t stream games and costs a hell of a lot less. In reality, I really don’t think they’ll be interested in matching this though, they’ve little need to. A crying shame as it’s one hell of a good initiative.

  3. Im inclined to think that all MS first party games will be games as a service from this point on. Mark my words there will be some sort of catch to this.

    Lucky for me that there are Zero xbox exclusives i have any interest in. The last game i played on my xbox was Gears 4 and that was pretty mediocre. Having said that, the xbox one is a great media player which is all i use it for these days.

  4. I think all gaming will probably go this way eventually. Good on them if they actually provide what they’re selling. The cloud was a great idea in theory too.

    Has it been confirmed if all of the upcoming games coming out this year?

  5. That’s a big move, like all the big corporations’ they want subscriptions now rather than occasional purchases. Also it makes someone more likely to stay with Xbox if they’ve got a huge library of games available and a paid up subscription.

  6. we would get fewer games from Sony or it would cost silly money surely? I would rather Sony carries on pumping out games like they do.
    MS is a joke really in that department at the moment I really hope at E3 they have some games.

  7. Amazing. With Sea of Thieves launching in March I’ll definitely be snapping up their current “3 months for £8.99” offer.

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