News Snatch: Song Of Memories, Raging Justice, And Rainbow Six Siege

Time for another round up of news and videos from down the back of the internet, it’s a quiet week so nothing too exciting. We start with a delightful advert for the Shadow of the Colossus Remake from Japan.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild has been graced with a teeny tiny patch on Switch. You can now select Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), or Korean in the language settings menu on the Switch console to display text in the selected language. There’s lovely.

Crossing Souls is out on February 13th for PC & PS4 and this video goes behind the scenes the development team, “four delightful, 80’s obsessed developers from the balmy climes of Seville,” who like a bit of Flamenco. Ole!

Well here’s a rarity, a video game based on an upcoming movie. I remember when every movie had it’s own video game and I may have sneaked in to my parents bedroom, unwrapped my Amiga 500 Batman pack Christmas present and had few games, and then re-wrapped it. Er, if you read this mum, sorry.

Anyway, Hotel Transylvania 3 is out this summer and Outright Games, the chaps behind the Kung-Fu Panda game that was on PS+ recently, are creating a game that follows on from the end of the movie.

Drac’s Pack land themselves into hot water yet again—washed overboard and lost on mysterious islands. Players will rescue their favorite monster friends from fearsome enemies, discover lovable new allies with amazing abilities, and push their puzzle-solving skills to the limit to find their friends and the magic compass needed to get back to Hotel Transylvania.

By George he’s a smiley chap isn’t he? He is here to tell us that MORPG Tera will be making it debut in the “first half of 2018” on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

A bunch of ex-Rare employees are making a new game for PlayStation 4, this is Raging Justice and looks an awful lot like one of my favourite arcade games, Final Fight.

One of our favourite #ImprobableBoobs games, Dragon’s Crown Pro, has a new trailer showing some co-op actions.

The Town of Light: Deluxe Edition is coming to Nintendo Switch this Spring and will include exclusive documentary content.

Japanese visual novel Song of Memories will be heading west, specifically for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in North America and Europe.

And Finally, here’s a preview of what is coming to Year 3 of Rainbow Six Siege.

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