Horizon Zero Dawn Originally Had Co-Op, New Patch Released

Guerrilla Game’s Mathijs De Jonge has revealed that Horizon Zero Dawn was originally conceived with two player co-op. The team had got the co-op up and running but were told by the programmers that if they kept it, the rest of the features in the game would have to be drastically scaled back.

Check out the video below for more details on the creation of the game.

We also have details of a small patch for Horizon Zero Dawn.

We have scheduled a small patch for today that fixes some crash issues and a minor UI change to the main menu for players who do not own the expansion of Horizon Zero Dawn. The notes are below.

If you encounter an issue while playing Horizon Zero Dawn, please try reloading a recent manual save, quicksave or autosave from the “Load” menu option.

• Added the option for players who do not own the Frozen Wilds Expansion to visit the PlayStation Store directly from the main menu.

• Fixed various crash issues.

Source: YouTube / Reddit

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  1. Just completed the main game last night, wasn’t really keen on seeing the DLC plastered across the main menu but they’ve thoughtfully included a “hide” option.

    • Good work! What did you think, did it live up to the hype?

  2. The noclip videos are really to great watch.
    I haven’t seen this extended interview yet but I enjoyed the main documentary done on Horizon which also showed the co-op gameplay in action although the footage is very early in dev.
    I recommend watching everything on the channel but I thought the Doom one was very good too.
    That doc shows the early “Call of Doom” prototypes too.

  3. Horizon is a fantastic game. Just finished the DLC. Those robot bears are a killer and surprisingly quick.
    I just need to finish NG+ now.

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