Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Day One Patch Is A Whopping 23GB

We’re pretty numb to day one patches these days, and even those that creep into the tens of gigabytes, but Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s 23GB day one patch takes things to a whole new level. Out tomorrow on 13th February, the game is actually 23GB in size, meaning that you’re quite literally downloading the entire game.

This caused a bit of a stir on the Resetera forums, with an explanation from Martin Klima, Executive Producer at Warhorse reading:

The production realities of game development mean that a ‘release’ version has to be finalized some time before the actual release date. We could have used this time to get some rest, or we could use it to create some additional content and sell it to you as DLC, but we went back to the version-to-be-released and worked on it. The results are obvious: quests are more balanced, RPG progression is smoother, the game runs faster and every facet of the game got more polish. The drawback of course is that most of the data in the old build was replaced and has to be downloaded as a patch. At a hefty size, it’s going to take some time to download and it’s a shame. Still, we strongly believe that after four years wait it will pay off to wait a little bit longer while the Day 1 patch is downloading. Trust me, it will deliver the awesome experience YOU deserve!

So far so standard, but it doesn’t explain why it’s literally the entire game. That comes from a quirk in the way CryEngine packages its game files, with everything bundled up into 2GB chunks. Every time you alter a file within a 2GB, that entire block has to be replaced, and since the ‘Day One’ 1.02 patch is a sweeping update across the board, that means that basically the entire game has to be re-downloaded. This is rather dumb, but seems to be largely out of Warhorse’s hands.

Deep Silver Marketing Manager Will Powers added to the above statement:

So, let me stop the rumor mill dead in its tracks before everyone continues jumping to conclusions. The way that I’ve been told that the engine works, is it takes the entire game and separates the PKG or ISO into 2GB archives. If during a patch you so much as alter a 1KB text file within any of these 2GB archives, then you need to reupload the ENTIRE 2GB portion. That beings said, this is a major patch that improves overarching mechanics throughout the game, so it touches almost all of these 2GB archives in the entire game build. Essentially you are having to redownload the game to replace the existing files. It shouldn’t stack them and inflate on your harddrive, but rather replace the previously downloaded build files.

Will the wait (and the patch) be worth it?

Source: Resetera via GearNuke

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