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Elite Dangerous: Beyond – Chapter One Starts On 27th February

The third season of Elite Dangerous is nearly upon us, as Frontier Developments have announced that Chapter One of Beyond will start on 27th February for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and it’s free for all players.

Here’s a shiny new trailer to introduce it:

Beyond is free for all players, with a focus on making changes and enhancements that the community have requested. A new crime and punishment system means the game will try to respond better to players’ criminal activities and make the galaxy fairer. The Advanced Tactical Response will hunt down repeat offenders, attaching a ‘Hot Ship’ rating to naughty players’ ships and increasing their notoriety. At the same time, a new trade data overlay will boost those taking a more peaceful appraoch and new engineering systems will help you boost your ship.

Of course, there’s a ton of new content for the expanding player-driven story as the Thargoid threat grows and grows – one addition is the new The Chieftain combat ship that has been designed as a specific response to the Thargoids – while new tech brokers are coming in as a bonus for Elite Dangerous Horizons owners to let you earn new items based on missions you undertake.

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