Total War: Rome II’s Desert Kingdoms Culture Pack Releases In March

Creative Assembly’s decision to go back and add more stuff to Total War: Rome II was certainly a surprising one, but it seems that it’s going to be a worthwhile endeavour for those still playing a game that went a long way to define the current form of the series.


Releasing on 8th March, the Desert Kingdoms culture pack will add four playable factions to the game:The Kingdoms of Kush, Saba and Nabatea of the African/Arabian subculture, and the Masaesyli of Numidia. Each faction features new rosters of unique units with differing military strengths, building chains for your cities and new tech trees.

As part of a free update to go alongside this, you’ll get to play with new female leaders and generals that include Cleopatra and Teuta, and there’s important female characters that are being added to all the campaigns and factions in the game.

For more in depth details, head to the Creative Assembly blog.

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