Caesar In Gaul Expansion Announced For Total War: Rome II

Creative Assembly has announced the first major campaign expansion for Total War: Rome II, which is called Caesar In Gaul. As you may have gathered from the title this is based on Caesar’s war campaign in Gaul.

The time frame will last eight years from 58 BC, the year Caesar was made Pro Consul of Cisalpine Gaul, to 51 BC when the wars in the province ended and saw Caesar gain more power and support. Unfortunately it ends two years before the beginning of the Great Roman Civil War against Pompey.


The expansion will include:

  • Four Playable Factions –  Rome, Gallic Arverni, Belgic Nervii and Germanic Suebi.
  • New map – Gaul and Southern Britannia will provide 18 provinces available to conquer.
  • More turns per year – There will be 24 turns per year due to the short time frame.
  • Multiplayer campaigns will be shorter.
  • The Historical Battle of Alesia will be playable.
  • New factions for Rome II – Nervii, Boii and Galatians.

The expansion releases on December 12th for £9.99/€14.99./$14.99.

Source: Press Release