March PlayStation Plus Games Include Ratchet & Clank And Bloodborne

News just in that next months PlayStation Plus games for PS4 are Ratchet & Clank And Bloodborne. Ratchet and Clank is the PS4 remake of the orginal game and looks stunning in 4K and HDR if you have that sort of thing, and scored a very rare 10/10 from us.

Bloodborne is a little older and also scored well, getting 9/10 in our review, so you really can’t argue about the quality of this months games, they’re certainly not Kung-Fu Panda.

Sony have also announced a big change. “We also have an important service update to share. Starting next year on 8th March 2019, the PS Plus monthly games line-up will focus on PS4 titles and no longer include PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita titles.”

However this month we do have PS3 and PS Vita games, three of which of crossbuy on PS4 meaning you get five PS4 games this month!

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Wow, quality and value has returned.

  2. The 2 main games I’ve already got, and the other 4 look decidedly average, at best. Oh well, my backlog will be pleased.

    Also, no bonus VR game after 6 months of getting them every other month.

    And from March next year, we’ll only be getting PS4 games. Kind of inevitable, really. Surprised it hadn’t happened sooner.

    • Me too. Hopefully it means they can free up money to spend on 2 decent PS4 games each month rather than the odd good one and lots of filler and indie waffle.

  3. March 2019, PS3 and Vita games will no longer be part of the mix. Couldn’t come soon for me.

    • At least with cross-buy, we get 5 PS4 games next week. From next year, that’ll only be 2 PS4 games. Which anyone interested probably has already.

      Of course, Sony could decide to change things and give us more than 2 PS4 games a month, and they’ve got a year to see how much people will complain if they don’t. But technically, the PS3 and Vita games are just bonuses at this point. Look at the website and find the PS+ page. We get 24 PS4 games a year. No mention of PS3/Vita. (Ok, someone go and find it hidden away somewhere to prove me wrong)

      I’m sure there’ll be some changes announced before next year to replace the PS3/Vita games. Maybe 2 PS4 games and PS Now included? That’d be a pretty decent offering. Or they’ll do something complicated again, and you get some games offered for longer along with 2 new ones each month.

      • I’ve been saying for ages that ps now should be part of it. The price is ridicous.

      • Can you imagine how much complaining there’d be from the people who (a) can’t get a decent internet connection, (b) don’t want to pay for a decent connection, and (c) live in those countries PS Now isn’t available?

        Although I guess if they waited until next March, the numbers in category (a) will be even less, they can handle (c) simply enough, and tough luck for the other group.

  4. Good line up! The PS blog post also mentions that in a year from now, March 2019, the plus games will be only for PS4 with PS3 and Vita games discontinued

    • Other people are quicker at typing than me!!

  5. BloodBorne hands down is the best PS4 game ever…how EVERYONE dones not have this yet is beyond me! :) :)

    I don’t own R&C so cool!

    Glad they are stopping the Via & PS3 PS+ games too…just give us more PS4 goodies!

    • I don’t own Bloodborne, so I’m very happy with this 😊

      Also, just because they’re removing ps3 and vita from the lineup, don’t assume they’ll replace them with additional ps4 stuff!

  6. Maybe I’ll be the only one sad about not getting Vita and PS3 anymore, but if they’ve been holding back PS4 games then I’ll be interested to see what Sony can pull out of the bag next month. I’ve still got a dozen Plus games I really want to play, which I’ll be cracking on with soon enough as I’m done with Red Dead Redemption. Despite being massively indifferent to more than half of the games I think the offerings have covered all bases and as a collection look pretty decent.

    • You’re definitely not the only one there, it’s sad to see beloved PS3 and Vita slowly approaching their end. Makes me think I got to concentrate on my PS3 backlog too.
      And this happens just when I start considering a downgrade to last gen… ;o)

  7. Ratchet & Clank is awesome (but not a patch on the originals). I didn’t like Bloodborn but I’ll give it another try.

  8. An awesome month – if only i didn’t already own those two games! Oh well at least it means there will be lot’s of new Bloodborne players and co-op potential for boss fights- i might be tempted to jump back in.
    I urge everyone to check out Bloodborne while it’s ‘free’, it has a wonderful gothic-horror vibe with wonderfully nightmare-ish creature designs and has a steep learning curve but is a tremendously satisfying game once the combat clicks.

  9. I always overestimate how much time I will get for gaming. Think I got R&C at £12 or thereabouts over a year ago and hasn’t been played for more than an hour! Glad that I never did the same for bloodborne though. Will be my first souls type game. I couldn’t get into Demons Souls when it came via Plus. Think it was the long load times and that I had moved onto PS4 by then!

  10. Looks like Sony have confirmed that from March next year it’ll be 2 PS4 games and nothing else.

    So will it be 2 big games, like next week? Which people stand a very good chance of already having? Or 1 big game and some small indie thing, which is going to go down badly with those who automatically dislike those things? And that first month there isn’t some big game worth a whole year of PS+ subscription?

    The internet is going to have nice calm, sensible thoughts on the matter, isn’t it? ;)

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