Microsoft Detail Xbox One’s Spring Update

Out now for those in the alpha testing ring, Microsoft have taken the wraps off the next system update for Xbox One. There’s no one big feature, I feel, but a bunch of smaller things that are nice to have or sensible improvements.

A small number of Xbox One X (and S) owners will rejoice at having native 1440p output support, meaning that you can plug your Xbox One into a 1440p display and have it supersample down to that resolution instead of 1080p, as it would do before.


A new tweak for Mixer users is the ability to share controller input over the stream, letting a viewer take control of the game on your console. PlayStation 4 owners have had a feature like this for quite some time, but it’s always been a direct link, whereas this is more of a quirky social feature, with both streamer and viewer able to collaborate. Another improvement is that streams will no longer end if you switch games mid-stream.

Here’s the rest of the features in bullet point form:

  • Xbox One X and One S 1440p output
  • Mixer stream controller sharing
  • Mixer no longer ends streams when switching games
  • New interface for Microsoft Edge web browser
  • Automatic volume adjustment when listening to music while gaming
  • Club invitation request filters – e.g. minimum gamerscore or time spent in a particular game
  • Smarter club feed filters – e.g. “What’s Hot” and “Top Posts”
  • Tournaments open to all in game hubs
  • Dedicated tab to view your Games with Gold collection

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