Exceedingly Cute Co-op Action RPG Swords Of Ditto Is Out On 24th April


Swords of Ditto is incredibly cute. It’s also really very interesting. An action RPG that takes Zelda and smashes it into a Rogue-lite, while also sprinkling it with co-op gameplay, it’s one that I’ve been keeping my eye on for a while.

It’s also got a release date, coming to PlayStation 4 and PC on 24th April.

Set in a world that is regularly besieged by the evil Mormo, you awaken every 100 years to pick up the legendary sword and try to tackle the foes and dungeons that await. Each run through the world is meant to be short, whether you win or you lose, and every time you wake up, the world is different, both through having been randomly generated and through the previous successes or failures having had a noticeable impact.

Also, it’s super cute.

Source: press release

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