The March PlayStation Plus Games Are Now Available To Download, Links Here

As you know we don’t post the PlayStation Store updates anymore because if Sony can’t be bothered to make a song and dance about new games available then neither can we. However, free games we do like, and this month’s PlayStation Plus PS4 games are particularly good, and the PS3 and PS Vita titles are… games, but at least you can play three of them on PS4 as well.

Anyway, as we’re so lovely here’s some handy links to click and download the queue the games up from your webs browser.

You may also be interested to know that Sony are offering 25% off a year’s worth of PlayStation Plus taking the cost down to £37.49, which works at £3.12 a month, less than latte.

Source: PS Store

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  1. Sony do make a small song and dance about the games for the week though. They did a blog post yesterday.

    Doesn’t list the prices, of course, because that would be useful and save at least 3 seconds.

    • Yes that what I meant, they don’t give you information you need, the song and dance.

  2. Cool, i was only going to grab the “mini” games but a digital copy of Bloodborne might be handy to have too.

  3. Not sure if Bloodborn is a reward or a punishment?

    We need a new R&C game. Do you think we’ll have to wait for the PS5 before they start remaking PS2 games? Would love an R&C 1-3 Remake.

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