Trump To Meet ESA For “Fact-Based Conversation”

Last week, flossy-haired flump-nugget, Donald Trump, announced that he was meeting “top gaming executives” to discuss video game violence in light of recent shootings. Trump himself had suggested that video games were a bad influence and were to blame.

This surprised the video games industry as no-one had been contacted by the White House to discuss the topic, even though Trump had said he wanted to make legislators “bend to his will.”


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders was questioned over this statement and said, “I don’t think it’s necessarily about bending to his will, I think it’s about an ongoing discussion about the best pieces of legislation that they can put forward.”

“The president will meet with a number of stakeholders next week,” she added. “He’ll also be meeting with members of the video game industry to see what they can do on that front as well. This is going to be an ongoing process, and something that we don’t expect to happen overnight… to make sure that we protect schools across the country.”

Their followed a few days confusion as to what was going on, but now the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) has said they have finally received an invitation to talk with the President and they’re going in armed with facts and research.

“Video games are enjoyed around the world and numerous authorities and reputable scientific studies have found no connection between games and real-life violence,” said the ESA. “Like all Americans, we are deeply concerned about the level of gun violence in the United States. Video games are plainly not the issue: entertainment is distributed and consumed globally, but the US has an exponentially higher level of gun violence than any other nation.”

Of course, facts have never been interesting or relevant to Trump, so quite how the meeting on the 8th March will go is anyone’s guess.

Source: GI.Biz

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  1. What is the purpose of a gun? What is the purpose of a videogame? Let’s try and get some priorities here DuhDonald.

  2. Just take a few bags of money and Trump will never speak of it again. Money is what steers the opinions of people like Flump. Facts are just an inconvenience. Regardless of what made him do it, It’s far more sensible & easier to restrict the weapon he used than the cause.

  3. Odd that there’s been no mention of him meeting with top GUN industry executives about heir contribution towards GUN crime….

  4. Really quite ridiculous, the whole thing. I found this git’s statement with regard to what his son plays quite amusing, though:
    “I have a very young son who I look at some of the things he’s watching and I say, ‘How is that possible?'”

    Maybe it’s possible because his father is an idiot with no parenting skills either?

  5. He’s hilarious! Love him 😂

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