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Ubisoft Will Now Auto-Ban Players Rainbow Six Siege For Abusive Chat

It feels like such an old stereotype now, but angry people playing games and hurling abuse at other players has almost become synonymous with online gaming. It’s probably a big part of the reason why many games are now rather silent when I go to play them with regular matchmaking.

Ubisoft are trying to crack down on this kind of abusive behaviour in Rainbow Six Siege on PC with an automated system coming into effect next week. It will ban players for using racial and homophobic slurs and hate speech in game. As outlined in their Code of Conduct, you can be banned for “Any language or content deemed illegal, dangerous, threatening, abusive, obscene, vulgar, defamatory, hateful, racist, sexist, ethically offensive or constituting harassment is forbidden.”

A sliding scale of punishment will see people banned for 2, 7, 15 days or permanently, depending on the severity and repeat offences that are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. If someone does get banned, everyone else will have the tiny little joy of seeing “Username has been banned for toxicity.” pop up in the game’s messages.

It’s a baby step in the right direction, thanks to a number of caveats to this system. For one thing, it can seemingly only be applied to text chat in game, as that can be logged and voice chat is not and would require voice recognition software. It will also still have to live alongside the current system of having players manually report those who abuse. Also, this is for PC only, with consoles held to Microsoft and Sony’s own code of conduct and player reporting system.

The community team have also reassured players that this is only targeting abuse, so foul mouthed language is fine. “That isn’t what we’re looking to crack down on, as that isn’t toxic or even negative language,” Ubi-Zoro said, “We’re really focusing on slurs, homophobic language, and similarly offensive toxicity.”

And in a top slap down, when one person asked “Can we appeal this police-state, facist new rule?” its_Epi replied, “Sure. You can play pretty much any other game.”

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  1. I don’t see the point of banning someone for two days. If someone is being racist then they should be banned permanently, straight away.

    As it stands the current system gives the message that it’s fine to be a bit racist now and then as that only gets you a few days ban.

    • Nah, it needs to be tiered like this. Racism is bad, but there’s also a potential lack of maturity within a player base, regardless of the age rating on the box, and that can lead to lashing out without really understanding or realising that there will be consequences. That’s especially true when this kind of thing can be normalised by the anonymity of the internet.

      So a slap on the wrist, followed by a more severe time out and a permanent ban for repeat offences is the right approach.

      • Well someone should teach them the consequences – and by that I mean stopping them from playing their favourite game.

      • Which is what the 2 day ban is there to do. It demonstrates that there are consequences and it gives you a chance to change your ways or face being banned for longer or forever.

  2. Good, but it should also be used for bad language. I don’t mind the odd swear word but some players seem to spend more time typing swear words than normal ones. I just don’t see the point.

  3. I hope the idiot calling it fascist is the first to be banned.

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