[UPDATE] Oculus Rifts Have Stopped Working Across The Globe

Reports are coming in that Oculus Rift headsets across the world have stopped working as the device cannot connect to the “Oculus Runtime Service.” It appears the security certificate for certain software components the device uses has expired, so PC’s are blocking the device from working.

The Oculus Rift forum is full of owners complaining about the problem and have offered a number of possible solutions. Setting the system clock back a few days seems to work, as does a full reinstall of the software, although other users are reporting they have tried both these fixes and have failed. “I’m getting the same issue. I tried deleting and then reinstalling the Oculus software and it’s not fixed the issue. Very annoying.” posted one user.

Oculus co-founder Nate Mitchel has tweeted that they are aware of the issue and asked owners to check this thread on Reddit for further information.

It was recently confirmed that Rift had overtaken Vive as the most popular VR device on Steam. That may not be the case tonight.

UPDATE: Oculus have rolled out an update that fixes the problem at last.

Source: Oculus Forums / Polygon

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