Solaris Offworld Combat coming to Oculus and PSVR this summer

First Contact Entertainment have announced that their newest game, Solaris Offworld Combat, will be launching later this summer. It will be coming to Oculus Quest and Rift with a release date on August 27th. A PSVR version has also been confirmed but will be arriving on Sony’s platform later.


It’s no surprise that the team are yet again working on another virtual reality shooter following the critical success of 2018’s Firewall: Zero Hour which launched exclusively on PlayStation VR.

However, instead of stacking up as elite military operators in tense 4 on 4 skirmishes, in Solaris Offworld Combat you’ll become a Athlon. In the far flung future our obsession with esports has given birth to a new form of entertainment in which these VR gladiators battle it out while navigating specially constructed offworld arenas.

The gameplay reveal shows us a faster, more arcade style shooter compared to Firewall. Where First Contact’s previous game felt like VR adaptation of Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six, Solaris looks to be channelling more of a Quake or Unreal Tournament vibe.

For a start, you’ll have to pick up weapons instead of relying on a pre-made loadout. These will be scattered throughout each offworld arena immediately adding a tactical layer to Solaris as Athlons hunt down their favourite guns a well as armour and health pick-ups.

Similar to those multiplayer shooters that dominated the early 2000s there are also teleporters with player movement being much faster – you can even slide to avoid incoming missiles! Of course, with this being a virtual reality game, First Contact is making sure that movement feels both natural and comfortable.

Needless to say we’re excited to get our hands on Solaris Offworld Combat when it launches. Firewall scored an impressive 9/10 in our review and easily ranks among the best PSVR shooters available.

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