PUBG’s 2018 PC Roadmap Includes A Smaller Map, New Modes & More

Yesterday we brought you the news of PUBG’s incoming limb penetration system and how this would make sure that players can get all the head(shots) they can stand, but now Brendan ‘PlayerUnknown’ Greene has laid out the full 2018 PC roadmap for all to see. Though the game came out of Early Access at the end of last year, there’s a lot of stuff in the pipeline and they’re opening a new Experimental Test Server to help facilitate that.

One of the biggest new additions is always going to be new maps. In April they’ll be adding a 4x4km island map to the ETS to try out. It’s much, much smaller than the current maps, which will bring shorter matches from the higher player density. It is, I would say, a shot at the much more fast paced play that helped make Fortnite BR so popular.

That’s not the only new map with another 8x8km map in the works, though no word on when that might make its first appearance on the ETS.

Digging into the way the game actually plays, a long term 2018 goal is to overhaul the parachuting system so that it’s more responsive and looks better, as well as overhauling both third and first person animations. This will feed into combat with better armed and unarmed melee combat systems.

Visually, they’ll be constantly iterating and tweaking the assets in the game, with the following building as an example that looks vastly improved over the current hodgepodge creation.

Alongside brand new vehicle sounds in the first half of this year, there will be new vehicles to hoon around in. Then there’s new weapons and attachments, while the second half of the year will see a revamp of the player sounds.

Oh, and most importantly, an emotes system will let you taunt to your heart’s content.

So yeah, there’s a lot of stuff coming to PUBG this year.

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