PUBG To Test Penetration So You Can Get Head

PUBG Corp is to try out some new features on it’s test servers over the next few weeks and one of the biggest tweaks they will testing will be a new limb penetration system.

At present players can put their characters hands in a position which can block headshots, and vehicles can also get in the way so you will be able to penetrate them as well. Other new features being explored include a new friends list and the ability to use voice chat in the main menu. We expect the full list of enhancements in the next few days.

Source: Twitter

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News Editor, very inappropriate, probs fancies your dad.


  1. Fucks sake did a teenage boy write this article?! Embarrassing.

    • Lmao at that response. It is a bit bad.

      Happen news snatch should return to contain the repression in one weekly article.

    • Check who is the writer. ;) It kinda is his forte. His rasion du entre. Fuck, spelt that wrong.

  2. As someone who’s occasionally visted TSA for 6-8 years now… This is embarrassing. Try taking a more professional approach….

    • Since you’ve visited TSA for 6-8 years, you should already know by now that a lot of us don’t take ourselves too seriously

    • This is a website that once had smutwatch. That reports Bewbs in games, i think dignity took an exit years ago. Not that i’m implying that Tuffcub did cause a majority of said dignity to fade away because of smut but well, there’s a reason why he was the number 1 smut producer.

      And TSA is professional. Professionally clean? Maybe not but it usually is professsional. Though, i am still waiting for the promised top 20 dildo and tits in gaming article to be released, along with the top 90 ways to fornicate with a game.

  3. Well I found it amusing.

  4. What exactly is the problem with this article?

    • Apparently you’re not allowed to giggle like a schoolkid when you come across the word “penetration”.

      Which is a terrible state of affairs.

      And anyway, they started it with their tweet.

    • Bunch of oversensitive social justice warriors, who have no humor and find a way to be insulted over a headline + subtext.

      *sigh* Relax people, count to 10, smile and stop being angry over the smallest issues. Trust me, your life will be much better and relaxed.

  5. So, PUBG is including open world sex? Ubisoft, take note of this. I mean, the game is filled with long and hard objects. Some are bigger then others, some are smaller but everyone likes to grasp it. Will the lubing option be patched in? Will lingrie be included?

    What? If the article isn’t gonna to be serious, nor am I. Shuddup, i am serious when I choose to be. That and it’s a Tuffcub reported news. It’s got tier 1 smut(the lightest of smut).

  6. I laughed, I miss snatch :(

    • That’s embarrassing, what did you penetrate instead? ;)

  7. The British have always had a tradition for innuendo, from the Carry On films…


    Felicity Wheeler: “Are you satisfied with your equipment, Miss Allcock?”

    Rosalind Knight: “Well, I’ve had no complaints so far.”

    … to Innuendo Bingo on Radio One….

    Golf commentator: “His wife used to kiss his balls before every game”

    ….. to Bake Off….

    Diana: “I’m ganaching my buns”

    It’s a grand tradition and should continue. Besides there’s nothing wrong with that headline unless you have a filthy mind, and that’s your problem.

    • Why is a filthy mind a problem?? I find it comes in very useful at times.

      But yes, innuendo is a fine British tradition. Keep it up. I don’t know how you do it, really, writing all these things everyday and still managing to slip it in like that. It must be hard.

      • Hope he uses protection all the time. I wonder just how sticky his keyboard tends to get when he is reporting stuff like this? what? It makes one spill their can over and spread a load of sticky substance across the keys.

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