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Sonic Mania Is Getting An Expanded "Plus" Release This Summer

And a new animated mini-series.

Sonic Mania is the best hedgehog-related thing since the last time I bought a loaf of hedgehog bread, and now it’s getting even better. At a Sonic the Hedgehog panel at SXSW Gaming tonight, Sega announced Sonic Mania Plus, an expanded version of the game with two new playable characters – Mighty the Armadillo and and Ray the Flying Squirrel– a new Encore mode and four player competitive mode.

Sonic Mania Plus will be out this summer for $30, but don’t worry if you’ve already bought the original release, because you will be able to upgrade.

Additionally, the game is coming to retail with a collectors edition for PS4, Switch or Xbox One (but not PC), which includes holographic packaging, a reversible retro-styled Genesis or Mega Drive-themed cover (dependent on your region) and a 32-page art book.

In other Sonic Mania news, the outstanding intro animation will be added to with a new five part series of episodes coming from the same animation team. Sonic Mania Adventures will be popped onto YouTube for free at some point this year.

Here’s a sneak peek:

Source: Twitter


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