Chris Carter Says There’s A New X-Files Game On The Way

X-Files head honcho Chris Carter has revealed that a new “narrative” video game based on the franchise is in production. He didn’t give any other details but it’s the first we’ve heard of it. Those with a long memory for terrible games will recall the X-Files FMV game on PS1.


Anyway, back to Chris who said “I made a joke the other day about The X-Files, the musical, but in reality, they’re actually making a really interesting narrative video game, different from the one that’s been launched already.”

Is her referring to the PS1 game of the rubbish X-Files: Deep State that just came out on mobile? Who knows, but if anyone can make a good X-Files game it would be Telltale and they’ve been rather quiet recently.

Source: XFiles News

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  1. I was just about to comment, ‘Telltale should do this’. They really should.

  2. There was actually one on PS2 back in 2004:

    Also quite terrible…

  3. This is definitely up telltales street.

  4. There was an X-Files game on the PC, running on Windows95.
    Imaginatively name “The X-Files game”.
    I still got it. I’m an X-Files junkie. I’ve even got a tattoo!

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