Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Is The Latest Pun-tastic THQ Remaster

You’ve got to give it to THQ Nordic, they sure know how to shove a tortured pun into a game title. From the Darksiders series’ ‘Warmastered’ and ‘Deathinitive’ editions, they’ve now set their marketing team to work on Red Faction Guerrilla, coming up with ‘Re-Mars-tered’.

Once you’re done groaning in mental agony, this remaster brings back the open world third person shooter for modern hardware, updating it for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the next few months. They simply state “Q2 2018”, which is a bit cheeky considering that the second quarter of the year starts on Sunday.


Justifying the remastered moniker, it will feature reworked textures and added graphical features like specular maps, there will be improved shadow rendering and lighting, as well as a rework of the shaders and post-processing. On PS4 Pro and Xbox One X, it’ll be gunning for 4K as well.

Source: THQ Nordic

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  1. Was anybody really crying out for a remaster of this game?

    • Re-Mars-ter.

    • At least it isn’t being done by a bunch of cowboys, else it’d have ended up a Re-Marston.

      *i’ll just grab my coat..*

    • Not crying out for it, no, but would be delighted to give it another go with much improved graphics. Would be nice if they gave us the online as well but I suspect that is not at all likely going by most remasters.

  2. I loved this game but bought it a while after it came out so online was dead – so I’m happy to buy again because (a) I loved it and (b) I want that damn Platinum!

  3. I’d only really be interested if they brush up the physics a bit, it was annoying when you’d spend 10 minutes carefully destroying the supports of a building only for it to fall through the floor.

  4. Twas a hidden gem of the PS3 generation and I really hope this is a success. Mainly because Red Faction has potential for a 4th game. There hasn’t been a 4th game. THERE.WAS.NOT.A.4th.GAME.

    Shocking, the amount of destruction this features has yet to be exceeded. I recall them saying that they actually did a ton of research to make the buildings react as realisticly as possible. A current gen Red Faction could be a mixture of Red Faction 1’s destroy almost everything and Red Faction:Gurillia’s destroy almost everything combined.

    Would love to see the originals get remastered.

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