VR Music Creation System Track Lab Announced For PSVR

PlayStation VR’s ever expanding library is getting it’s first music creation tool in the shape of Track Lab from Little Chicken Game Company. You don’t need any music knowledge to compose a thumping techno monster as the tunes are constructed on a grid, with a beam of light bouncing about to activate the sounds. Check out the trailer to see this in action.


“Many people imagine composers and musical creators as people who are geniuses who come up with music straight from their minds (there’s probably some of those as well),” said Tomas Sala, Creative Director at Little Chicken Game Company .”But in reality creating music, like any creative act, is a highly playful experience. It’s about trying things, listening, changing, failing and generally playing around. This is what we feel is truly unique about Track Lab: it’s about improvising and playing.”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. Could be worth a bash if they include a decent selection of samples and loops. It’ll also be interesting comparing it to the music creator in the upcoming Dreams.

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