Killing Floor: Incursion Hits PlayStation VR Next Month

PlayStation VR is about to get another horror shooter in the shape of a spin-off from the popular Killing Floor games. Killing Floor: Incursion will launch on PSVR on May 1st and will include a new bonus level, The Crucible, which shuns the ‘realistic’ style of the original levels and goes for full on Tron style 80s madness.


For the first time in the series, the game will have a plot. “In Killing Floor: Incursion the player is a Horzine security forces soldier that has been wounded in combat against the zeds,” explains
John Gibson, President, Tripwire Interactive. “You are placed in a neurological simulation to keep your brain stable while Horzine medics can repair your body.”

“Emma Rose, a Horzine training officer, is your only link with the outside world, and is trying to guide you safely through the simulation. We say safely, because if you die too many times in the simulation your mind might lose coherence and you could die. This would have been a simple task for Emma to guide the player through if there wasn’t some sort of viral corruption taking over the neurological simulation and sending all kinds of genetically engineered monsters at you! Still, something about all of this just seems off to you…”

Source: PS Blog

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  1. You’d think this would be good news, having had so much fun with the previous game when it was on PS+. (I still have a go every now and then. And there are still levels where I don’t actually know what the collectibles look like, despite having accidentally collected them all!)

    But it looks a bit disappointing. Only 4 levels (or 5 for PSVR now) that take half an hour each? A plot, which seems a bit unnecessary. And only 2 players?

    It should be more players killing far too many zombies for absolutely no other reason than that’s what you do with zombies and it makes everything a nice red colour.

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